Working at sea

Working at sea is challenging and requires teamwork. Despite the sacrifices involved with long hours and being away from home, it can also bring you great personal, professional, and financial rewards.

Our ship-board factories produce high quality, headed and gutted seafood that is frozen. The work is physically demanding, and most of the crew work sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, typically on three-month rotations. On the flip side, this also means that crew have long periods of personal time back home.

Safety is the first priority aboard all United States Seafoods vessels. We will train you how to work in challenging environments. Safety requires that every crew member watches out for each other. The vessels are small communities where everyone depends on each other to succeed.

United States Seafoods vessels meet the highest Coast Guard safety standards, crew are provided survival suits and vessel specific safety training. Crew members should be aware that working at sea, especially in the stormy waters off Alaska can be hazardous.

In our galleys you will find good food and plenty of it. Sleeping quarters differ from vessel to vessel, sleeping two to six crew members per room. Crew members must have clothing and boots suitable for factory work and weather conditions. Ship stores stock clothing and rain gear, toiletries, and other supplies. Laundry service is also available.

Crew members are paid an initial crew share rate as well as a bonus crew share rate due upon completion of the employment contract. For crew members who meet the terms of their contracts, room and board are provided at no charge, as well as transportation to and from the fishing grounds.

Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden aboard. All applicants are required to pass a pre-employment drug screen for marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines (speed) and other illegal substances. Anyone caught onboard with drugs or alcohol is sent home at their own expense.

We value our crew members who work hard, are excellent team players, and are interested in a career in the commercial fishing and seafood processing industry. Our company promotes from within whenever possible. 

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